Book Printing; Good News For You. Let Me Explain!

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The good news is that printing your book has never been easier. Digital printing is perfect for runs of 1 to 200. Offset press like the one shown above are good for quantities above 200 and web presses that print on giant rolls of paper are good for longer runs. We print on all three types of presses at Book Design and Print. Book printing has never been more efficient or affordable. 

Check our printing tab in the menu bar and you will see some of our specs for sizes and paper stock choices. We also have unique capabilities that can really add to the wow factor of your book. Check out these features:

  • Holographic foil stamping material so that when the book cover or dust jacket is tilted the colors in the stamping change like watching the flame of a fire go from yellow to orange to red to blue and purple.
  • Scodix 3D UV in one pass through the digital machine 7 textures of frequencies can be applied.  Imagine cover printed with a glass of lemon-aid sitting on a table cloth with water droplets running down the glass.  Clear uv gloss coating can be designed to show linen texture of the table cloth, life like water droplets running down the glass, and 5 other textures throughout the image.
  • Thermal resin coated paper substrates that look like leather can be blind stamped with a metal die that is heated and burnish or brand the paper so the image darkens and looks like branding into real leather.
  • Super Matte Lamination that feels like velvet on books covers and dust jackets.  It can be foil stamped and spot gloss uv coated decorated.
  • Laser Die Cut holes in front cover of hard bound books in design specific shapes, letters, or numbers.
  • 4/C litho printing on linen cloth like Arrestox Linen Set color.
  • Printed Laminated covers can be simple or complex with burnish rolls used to stamp textures like linen or burlap into the 4/C printed paper on board.
  • Cloth covers can stand alone or be wrapped with a dust jacket or have a tip-on 4/C photo sticker adhered to the F/C.
  • Cloth Covers can be decorated with hot foil stamping or silk screen printed depending on the effect  desired and what is best method to pull off the look required.
  • Signature Sheets, Translucent Sheets, Maps, Foldouts, and Tab Sheets or Dividers can be tip-ins to accent the text block of a book.

You can see by the list above that book printing today is like it was even 10 years ago. If you have any questions, shoot us an email or call us to discuss your next book!


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