Fire In The Hole! Book Design and Printing 101

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As an author you have spent hours upon hours pouring your heart into your book. You would like to get your book into print but you don’t know the first thing about book design and printing. Where do you start?

I’ve been around books a lot. I fell in love with them in grade school. My favorite place to be was in the library. I can even remember some of my favorite books from back then. I was into the weather and read every book I could get my hands on about the weather. Those were the days!

After college I got my first job working for a small town newspaper. I did a bit of everything, layout, photographer and eventually I learned how to run the press. I loved turning articles into print! After a few moves here and there I ended up working for a publishing company that had their own printing equipment. I learned all about book design and production eventually managing all of the departments before I left.

One thing really stands out. I remember how hard it was to pry manuscripts out of the hands of authors! They didn’t want to let the book go! So what do you have to do to get your book in print? There are three basic steps to getting your book into print. First is editing. I am sure you have made correction after correction and had a few friends read your book. Have you had it edited by a professional editor? I recommend you do for story and structure. It needs to be a compelling read. Second is the design of the book. It has to look good, follow book design rules and be easy to read. The third is printing. Once the design and layout is finished, it is time to print the book. Having a poorly printed book after all the work you have done would be such a waste.

If you have written a book and you need help with book design and printing, look no further. We would love you help. We can edit, design and print your book and we would love to help bring your dream into fruition.!

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